About Commission

I draw illustrations for “personal use” and “The Others“.
The illustrations are “character” “Landscape” and “Food”. You can choose one or more, depending on your needs. Ex; “Character” + “Landscape”, “Landscape” + “Food”, “Character” + “Landscape” + “Food”.
Feel free to ask me !

1.Character commission

▼one color shadow

▼flat color(No shadow)

▼Black and White(monochrome)

▼full artwork

small articles$10
kinda sexy theme(R12 – R15)$20
Those are Basic Price(per character).
If multiple characters are requested, I will give a 20% discount for the second and subsequent characters.

2.Background / Landscape Commission

Simple pattern$5
Simple landscape (ex.Sea, grass field)$20
Complex landscape (ex.forest)$40
Those are Basic Price

3. Foods Commission $40

♣ The prices might increase/decrease depending on the complexity of the pic.
♣ If you have a budget, please tell me it. I’ll paint it according to that. Anyway, feel free to ask me.
♣ I’d be delighted to receive your extra tip.
♣ The above prices are only for personal use. I’ll take order not for personal use (ex; for Zine, projects etc.). Feel free to ask me.

How to order and Payment

Please send me your order via google form. (It is also bottom of this page.)
Please write in plain and simple English. I’ll back you usually within 2 days.

If you have a vision for the illustration, please write everything even if you think those are trivial things. (e.g. pose, expressions, situation, layout etc.) I want to know all of your demands beforehand. If you don’t have any visions, it’s fine, please write it so.

You can ask me to retouch/retake if you need each one time on the “rough sketch(pose)”, “line art(details)”, “coloring(color tone)”
Note : I don’t change drawing into what I was not know/heard before I started drawing. (I’ll hear your demands sometimes before I draw.)
References (images) Links are very helpful for me to draw.)

I don’t draw Violence, Gore, grotesque etc. If you want Explicit sexual content, please ask me on Skeb .


I use Paypal($) for payments. Please send me the payment after the “Rough Sketch”.
I would be very happy to receive a tip, if that’s all right with you.
(This is not mandatory, of course, don’t worry.)

You may

For personal use

You may NOT

For personal use

🚫 say you drew it yourself, or claim it as your own drawing.
🚫 gift it to the public.( Not for redistribution. )
🚫 earn the money with the pic. (Don’t sell it.)


  • I’m still copyright holder after you payment.
  • I may post it as a commission on my pages.
    (I’ll write message on the pic. For DOJIN, I’ll obey your order about the date.)
  • If I would join your DOJIN project, I’ll support it maximum on my all of pages.(Twitter, Tumblr, dA, pixiv).

Note that I may change the contents of this page (prices, process of accepting commissions, etc…)

Commissions Form

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