“Skeb” request [NSFW OK]

I use Skeb service to receive requests.
I draw “NSFW” pics only on this service. (on my ordinary commissions, I don’t draw it.)

About “Skeb” illust request

Skeb My page↗
Skeb is a service that allows you to easily request illustrations from Japanese creators.
On this service, you propose me amounts of money you pay(JPY 3,000~) and send me a request of the illustration you want.
If I like your request, I draw it in 30 days and get the payment. When I can’t accept it, the payment will back to you.
On this service, you can decide the price you will pay by yourself. This is very nice for you to ask commission!
(On my ordinary commissions, you are only able to know standard price. It’s may be different from the commissions price you will pay.)
This service written in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, it also has automatic translation system. Moreover, I, Kikko speak plain English. Off course, you can pay by credit cards.
It’s very good for you to use it if you want ask me commissions quickly and easily.
Note that : All contents are left up to the creator. Retakes and meetings are not possible on the service.

I draw

  • “NSFW” pics only on this service. (on my ordinary commissions, I don’t draw it.) I welcome drawing Mature contents (It’s my big challenge).
  • Full artworks, flat color, for avater etc.
  • your original character, fan art
  • Shipping(slash/fem slash)♣ NSFW,(Mature contents)
  • Rference price : 3000 yen/human~

The detailed of painting depends on the price.
I’d be delighted to receive your extra tip.
I’m sorry but I may refuse your offer if the price very low.

How to use “Skeb”

My Skeb page↗ This is the request form. 

  1. You write money amount you will pay for the commissions.
  2. Write down your request.
    The maximum amount of characters that can be written changes depend on the creator’s setting. ~140 characters(no URL) or ~10,000(can write URL)
  3. When you send the request, the payment is put on hold on the web.
  4. We approve it and paint your request. We up load the pic and you can download it. (and we receive the payment.)

What is the difference from ordinary commissions

All contents are left up to the creator. Retakes and meetings are not possible.

Once work has been delivered, it can be used secondarily as an avatar on social media or blogging sites, as well as for personal viewing purposes.

Creators may deliver work that does not necessarily fit with the order description, and creators do not make modifications. Please check out their previous work and carefully choose a creator to request.

A request is valid for 30 days from the day it is sent.

The amount will be released if a request is canceled or up to 60 days after this.





Before you use it, Please read Guidelines on Skeb.

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