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Commissions and illustration requests are available! You can also use Skeb service. Feel free to ask me.
If you need illustrations for your Zine or merchandise please send me form via here

About Commissions

This is an ordinary commissions. When you want to order a custom-made illustrations, it’s better you choose.
If you want Illustration for your ZIN, goods etc → Contact me
通常のイラストコミッションです。リクエスト内容を細かに指定することができます。 直接のお取引に不安のある方は、 SKIMAからご依頼いただくことも可能です。(割増価格となります。)

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How to order

The following is asking price.
You can ask me for multiple characters, but the following price is per one character.
Please tell me your budget if you have. I’ll paint it according to that.
Anyway, feel free to ask me.
(I’d be delighted to receive your extra tip.)

♣ SNS Avatar = $20~
♣ one color shadow = $25~
♣ flat color(No shadow) = $30~
♣ Black and White(monochrome) = $30~
♣ full artwork = $40~
♣ Food etc. = $30~
♣ landscape = $30~
♣ kinda sexy theme +$10~
♣ Background +$5~$100 (costs depends on the details)



♣ アイコン… 2,000円~
♣ 一色影塗り… 2,500円~
♣ 影なし… 3,000円~
♣ 白黒/モノクロ… 3,000円~
♣ フルカラー… 4,000円~
♣ 食べ物/スイーツ… 3,000円~
♣ 風景/背景… 3,000円~

About Requesting illustrations

I welcome illustration requests. I’m happy to draw fanarts, your O.C. , foods, landscapes, etc.
When you choose this, You can not retake, converse, or estimate the amount. (However, the price will cheaper that comms)

  1. Request
    You can send me a request, and write how much you will pay.
  2. Approve
    When I decide I’ll paint it, I’ll send you my paypal URL.
  3. Payment
    You send me the payment. ($30~)
  4. Painting
    I paint the request and give you it up to 60 days after payment.

The detailed of painting depends on the price.
I draw “NSFW” pics only on this service.
I’m sorry but I may refuse your offer if the price very low.

If you feel you have a risk that you cannot receive the illustration after payment, you can use Skeb service. Skeb is a service to assists supporting your favorite creators by paid requests.
On this service, your payment will guaranteed. If I approves your request and does not deliver, the full amount will be automatically refunded. However, you must have twitter ID and the payment is “yen”.

About Skeb

Skeb | More explanation | Guidelines |

Skeb is a service to assists supporting your favorite creators by paid requests.
You can not retake, converse, or estimate the amount.
On this service, You can send me a request by only simple words and decide the price you will pay to it by yourself.Feel free to ask me.

I’d be delighted to receive your extra tip.

Skeb | 詳細説明 | ガイドライン

Skebは、依頼というよりちょっと大きな応援みたいなサービスで、 自身で任意の金額を指定してリクエストを送ることができます。リテイクはできません。
私の場合は、fanartやオリキャラの女の子やケーキ他の食べ物イラスト、何でも気軽に送って頂けると凄く嬉しいです。NSFWもこちらでのみお受けしています 。
結構色んな方が利用されてて覗くだけでも楽しいし、私じゃなくても推し絵師さんに送ってあげてみてください 。

Commissions and Requests Order Form

Ask me anything

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